Tomodachi Enterprise

Tomodachi Enterprise

An all purpose server that's dedicated to starting up the Tomodachi Life Modding scene.

We document the Romfs, develop methods for modding the game, and even release our own

mod, the Tomodachi Enterprise mod. We are currently on version 1.2, which includes:

50 new food items.

30 new interiors.

10 new clothes.

A new hat.

Miitopia Quest.

Other misc edits and layout edits.

Server Features

1. Updates on the current progress of the modding scene 

2. Access to the mod

3. Ability to offer your own food, cloth, and interior suggestions 

(we are very receptive to food suggestions, there is like a 75% chance your suggestion will make it in)  

We hope to see you aboard the Enterprise!

Server Invite:

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