Info For Editing Events In LM

<SHADOW> vs <MASK> event script tag explanation

<CAMMODE>(X) types

Choose a number (X) below to activate a different camera mode. This mode will stay active until Luigi enters a new room.

```0 - Normal

1 - Top-Down

2 - Zoom Out

3 - Zoom Out More + Top-Down

4 - Top-Down Alt.

5 - Fixed Camera Position

6 - Top-Down Extreme

7 - Top-Down Alt. + Fixed Camera Position

8 - Zoom Out More + Top-Down Alt.

9 - Top-Down Alt. 2

10 - Top-Down Alt. 3

11 - Zoom Out More

12 - Top-Down Alt. 4

13 - Top-Down Alt. 5 - used in Jarvis's minigame```

Actor freeing tags cheatsheet 

Now it should finally have all the tags that can stop actors.

This document was designed to help you easily free actors if you've used any of these script tags in an event:



    - STOP





Basher Event Script

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Disable Mansion Entrance Cutscene

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Warp Fixes For Beta Galleries

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Documentation Megapost on All Events and Script Tags


NOTE:In order to use events, you'll need to put them in the jmp file eventinfo. Click here to read documentation on jmp files

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