This is a tool that allows you to modify characterinfo, enemyinfo, and furnitureinfo with a 3D view allowing for precise placement. Read below for instructions on how to use it.

Run dollhouse.exe once, and it should close and generate root.txt. Find root.txt, which should be in the same folder dollhouse. Inside root.txt, put the path to your LM root.

Once that is done, run Dollhouse.exe and you should be all set. WASD keys are to move the camera around horizontally. Arrow keys are to rotate. Shift moves the camera vertically up, CTRL moves it vertically down.

If dollhouse still won't run after any of these steps, please install the proper .NET runtime here.

Also make sure your graphics card/computer supports OpenGL v4.0+, otherwise Dollhouse will not run properly.

Download here: Dollhouse