JP (Japanese) Action Replay codes (Decrypted Codes)

```All Doors Unlocked JP```  

``04078bc0 48000010

04078c08 60000000``

```Fix bmario vacuum (straps correctly to the model's back) (NTSC-J) [By LMFinish, converted by Sam]```

`04076E8C 2C040005

 04076E9C 2C040009`

```Chests Automatically Open (NTSC-J) [Sam]

04152198 03800500```

```Luigi E3 2001 Hurt Animations (NTSC-J)

040b7ae8 38000006

040b7b18 38000002```

```[NTSC-J] Coins: Max Lifetime (33 Seconds)

by Ralf, converted by weirdboo

04156CB0 38E003E7

[NTSC-J] Paper Money: Max Lifetime (18 Minutes)

by Ralf, converted by weirdboo

0415000C 3B607FFF

[NTSC-J] All Other Disappearing Items: Max Lifetime (18 Minutes)

by Ralf, converted by weirdboo

040CF934 3C607FFF

040CFE5C 3C007FFF

040D03B8 3C007FFF```

```[NTSC-J] 16:9 Aspect Ratio (Widescreen)

by Ralf, converted by weirdboo

040202FC 3C603FE3

04020300 60638E39

04020304 906700B0```

```Crash Handler (NTSC-J)

04005a1c 60000000```


04334ad8 0000000x < Poltergust Nozzle

04334d78 0000000x < Flashlight Nozzle

043355ac 0000000x < Water Nozzle (Unused)

0433582c 0000000x < Air Nozzle (Unused)

x = (normally uses B, but can be modified to be different)

2 = push upward

3 / 4 = pulls back the nozzle in Luigi's Hand

B = Default normal position

D = The early SW2001 pushback used on the E3 flashlight

E = Odd pushback (used for the wall bangs)

(any other number has the nozzle be messed up)```

```Gust Hose Fix (NTSC-J)

040ad774 806d0060```

```Luigi Always Has Equipment But No Flashlight (NTSC-J)

040B7BA4 3800001B```

```Luigi E3 2001 Hurt Animations (NTSC-J) By Finish

040b7ae8 38000006

040b7b18 38000002```

```Bash Luigi when He Gets Hurt (UNUSED BASHER E3) (ntsc-j)

040B7A88 38800000

040B4990 38000064

0407BDB8 2C030001

04349D84 3F800000

04349D88 00000000```

```Explore Gadd's Laboratory (NTSC-J)

044A0C48 00000001

0432FA4C 60000000

0432FA50 60000000

0432F54C 60000000

0432F550 60000000

0432F554 60000000

0432EDAC 60000000

0432EDB0 60000000

0432EDCC 60000000

0432EDEC 60000000

0432EDF0 60000000

0432FCEC 60000000

0432FCF0 60000000

0432EFAC 60000000

0432EFB0 60000000

0432F98C 60000000

0432F990 60000000

0432F6AC 60000000

0432F6B0 60000000

0432F6B4 60000000

0432F66C 60000000

0432F670 60000000

0432F06C 60000000

0432FB2C 60000000

0432FB30 60000000

0432F0CC 60000000

0432F5CC 60000000

0432F5D0 60000000

04062594 48000020

040632F0 48000038

0406330C 38800005

04063340 38800005

0417EE68 38800005

0417FB14 38800005

0432EE6C 60000000

0432EE70 60000000

0432EE74 60000000```

```Play Creepy Piano On File Screen

0404895C 38630004```

```Play Co-op (2 Players)

044A0C30 00000001

0400BA90 60000000

0400BAF0 60000000

0403E3A0 60000000

040782C8 60000000

04005894 48377ACC

0437D360 7C0802A6

0437D364 90010004

0437D368 9421FFF0

0437D36C 38600098

0437D370 4BE4BF99

0437D374 38800001

0437D378 906D011C

0437D37C 4BE54B21

0437D380 38210010

0437D384 80010004

0437D388 7C0803A6

0437D38C 4E800020

04071450 800D011C```

```Map Modifier NTSC-J

044a0c48 0000000x

```No Peace Animation An Picking up any item (NTSC-J) By Bryce

040ced04 60000001

040d02f0 60000005

040cf070 60000005

040d0ea0 60000015```

```E3 Flashlight Cone Fix (NTSC-J)

04076db4 41820004```

```Luigi Fear State Modifier: Alert

0407bf10 38000002

0407bdb8 2c030001```

```Ghost Counter (NTSC-J)

0404599c 380000ff

04045ad8 380000ff

04045bfc 38000080

04045b68 38e00080```

```GBH: E3 2001 Clock (NTSC-J)

0403d10c 480000d8

0403cb28 38000001

0403e64c 38000001```

```(New) GameBoy Horror Function Modifier:


0403d10c 480000d8

0403cb28 380000xx

0403e64c 380000xx

xx =

00: Disable

01: E32001 Clock & Radar

02: Nintendo Power first Person Camera

03: E. Gadd```

GBH Search Function Map Disabler modifier (NTSC-J) [Br123 T T]

*ported by weirdboo*

```040B09C4 2c00000x 

Default: 3 (Training Room)```

```Luigi Always Has Poltergust

040b7bb0 3003fffe


```Luigi Never Has Equipment

040b7ba4 38000013```

Door Trigger ASM By @Cryptus 

```NTSC-J - 8001bec0 386000xx```

> Where xx is the door id

**Beta Camera (NTSC-J)**

040228A4 38600000

04020F3C 38600000

04020F70 38600000

044A27E0 41800000

**Chests Automatically Open (NTSC-J) [Sam]**

04152198 03800500

**Flashlight Doesn't Turn Off (NTSC-J)**

040b22c8 60000000

**E3 Flashlight Cone Fix (NTSC-J)**

04076db4 41820004

***Change What The Trashcans Ghost Drops Before Despawning JP*** By LMFinish

```040ddb68 388000xx```

xx is Actor ID, Default is Banana 0xA8

```HUD Health Counter Has E32001 / 100 (NTSC-J) (LMFinish/Br123 T T)

040048ec 38600085

040048f0 388001ad

040417ec 4bfc3100

040048f4 a8ad053c

040048f8 39000000

040048fc 38e00000

04004900 38c00000

04004904 392000ff

04004908 a80d0544

0400490c 7c651a14

04004910 a8ad052a

04004914 7c840214

04004918 c02d85d8

0400491c 4803ad6d

04004920 38600083

04004924 388001ab

04004928 a8ad053c

0400492c 390000ba

04004930 38e000ba

04004934 38c000e0

04004938 392000ff

0400493c a80d0544

04004940 7c651a14

04004944 a8ad052a

04004948 7c840214

0400494c c02d85d8

04004950 4803ad39

04004954 38600000

04004958 4803ce98

04050338 390001a9

0405039c 392001a9

040503cc 38600077

04050370 38600078

040503d4 390000ff

04050378 390000ff```

**Fix the dummy EnFallChandelier do_type to act as "EnSetEventFlagOff" (JP)** By LMFinish

```0432E164 7C0802A6

0432E168 90010004

0432E16C 9421FFE0

0432E170 80830004

0432E174 3861000C

0432E178 4BD8FE55

0432E17C 38000000

0432E180 8061000C

0432E184 80810010

0432E188 38C10014

0432E18C 90010014

0432E190 38ADBCF8

0432E194 4BD8CFFD

0432E198 80010014

0432E19C 28000000

0432E1A0 4182000C

0432E1A4 5403063E

0432E1A8 4BD371F1

0432E1AC 80010024

0432E1B0 38210020

0432E1B4 7C0803A6

0432E1B8 4E800020

04357EB8 8032E164```

**Spikes/vines on Boss Doors don't Hurt You by Sam**

```04078ba8 60000000```

Replaces Luigi losing health with the regular ADemo cutscene of Luigi failing to open a locked door.

**Display Event Range Cylinders v1.0** Made & Converted By LMFinish

```040FCF9C 7C0802A6

040FCFA0 90010004

040FCFA4 9421FF58

040FCFA8 93E1009C


040FCFB0 7C7F1B78

040FCFB4 3861005C

040FCFB8 809F0004

040FCFBC 9081005C

040FCFC0 809F0008

040FCFC4 90810060

040FCFC8 809F000C

040FCFCC 90810064


040FCFD4 3860003F

040FCFD8 9861004C

040FCFDC 3860007A

040FCFE0 9861004D

040FCFE4 386000E1

040FCFE8 9861004E

040FCFEC 38600032

040FCFF0 9861004F

040FCFF4 C03F0044

040FCFF8 FC400890

040FCFFC 806D0CF0

040FD000 3881005C

040FD004 38A1004C

040FD008 4BFBCDA5

040FD00C 7FE3FB78

040FD010 4BF2E3C1

040FD014 800100AC

040FD018 CBE100A0

040FD01C 83E1009C

040FD020 7C0803A6

040FD024 382100A8

040FD028 4E800020

0402BC00 480D139D

040FD208 4BFFFD70

040FD210 4BFFFD68

040FD218 4BFFFD60

040FD220 4BFFFD58

040FD228 4BFFFD50

0435DB94 800FCF78

0435DB98 800FCF78

0435DB9C 800FCF78

0435DBA4 800FCF78

0435DBA8 800FCF78```

**Change Luigi's movement speed when using vacuum/element**

"xxxxxxxx" is a float. Default: 41880000 (= 17)

```0449b740 xxxxxxxx```