Regular Models

Rigging MDL Models Step by Step

Step 1. Grab the model you're replacing and what you're replacing it with and open a program called Blender

Step 2. Convert your MDL file into a DAE model using MDLConverter by dragging your file onto the executable

Step 3. Import your DAE model and the model you're replacing it with into Blender

Step 4. Open the SZP model in Toolbox to find which bones you need to rig it to

Step 5. Find the Bones you want to rig to and then go back to Blender

Step 6. Change into pose mode and click the mesh you want to rig then ctrl click the bone you want to rig to after that press ctrl p then click Armature Deform

Step 7. Click on the mesh then switch onto the modeling tab and add a vertex group and name it the bone you want to rig too then set it to a weight of .75

Step 8. Then press a to select all of the mesh then press assign

Step 9.  Go back to object mode then click off of it then click back on the mesh and press ctrl a and apply all transforms

Step 10. Remove any loose verts then export as a dae

Step 11. Drag your model folder onto the MDLConverter executable to convert it back into a mdl then import it into the game and test

Step 12. Done!

If you have any questions contact Luigitime or one of the mods