Custom Nintendo Logo Boot Sound Tutorial

You are going to need the following tools for this tutorial Audacity and HXD before you start

Before continuing, you will need an audio file loaded into Audacity. This file must be

1. Stereo. If it's mono, the game won't read it correctly and you'll get static.

2. Sampled to 32000 Hz. Resample in audacity if it isn't.

3. Shorter length than the original ninlogo.pcm. Less than 1 second is ideal.

4. Slowed down by 50% (THIS STEP COMES AFTER YOU MAKE IT THE SAME OR SHORTER LENGTH THAN THE ORIGINAL). To achieve this, go to Effect > Change Speed, then change it to be -50% and apply.

5. Exported with File > Export > Export Audio with these settings:

When opening this new .raw with HxD, it has to be less than or equal to 1F2C0 bytes long. If it's too long, you'll need to cut some length from your audio to make it small enough.

Copy everything from your new .raw in HxD and CTRL B it into offset 0x271E40. Zero the rest out up to offset 0x291100 (up to Yay0).

If you followed the steps correctly, your PCM should work perfectly!