Camera Types

A list of the camera types that can be loaded with the script tag <CAMMODEON> in an event.

Camera Type 0:

The game's normal camera mode.

Camera Type 1:

Top down view. Used for Sir Weston's fight.

Camera Type 2:

Slightly zoomed out view. Used for Chauncey's boss fight.

Camera Type 3:

Zoomed out top down view. Used for Boolossus' boss fight.

Camera Type 4:

Slightly angled top down view. Used for Henry & Orville's fight.

Camera Type 5:

Locks the camera in place. Used for the ACCOUNT results screen.

Camera Type 6:

Bird's-eye view. Used for the falling Foyer Chandelier.

Camera Type 7:

Runs no unique code and ends up acting functionally similar to 5. (UNUSED)

Camera Type 8:

Zoomed out top down view that anchors to the origin point. Used for Bogmire's boss fight.

Camera Type 9:

Elevated slightly angled top down view. Used for Mr. Luggs' fight.

Camera Type 10:

Same as 9. Used for Biff Atlas' fight.

Camera Type 11:

Zoomed out view. Used for King Boo's boss fight.

Camera Type 12:

Same as 9. Used for Chauncey's Nursery fight.

Camera Type 13:

Elevated top down view. Used for Jarvis' minigame.